Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama endorses American imperialism - anti-war activist


lightbringer said...

The more things change...
Obama's "left wing" cover is going to be a bitch!
I remember standing on Constitution avenue inauguration day 2001 surrounded by bush Republicans telling them to their chagrin that "he will destroy the conservative movement and do things Gore could only DREAM of doing." The fight against obama will be far more difficult; his diefication and contrived(wall st. green) adulation provides him with the context for FASCISM.
It will be paramount that IVAW have a brown skinned spokesperson because racism will be the first charge against anyone who dares to challenge his agenda. (And from your concise presentation I see you are prepared for the next phase of battle.)
Lastly, it is just a matter of time when this fails too; universal principles based on truth will always overcome lies and deception. Like Bush in 2001, Obama will be exposed; I just hope to be around to see it!
peace and luv

Anonymous said...

well said man...russia today has more fair civerage than any major us media...sad really.

Mike Blankenship said...

Adam....You're finally getting to see and understand the reality of this country and the Democrats.

After all, it's been the anti-war crowd mixed in with the anti-Bush crowd all along that have been backing the Democrat party all these years and you are included in that mix.

Face it, there are only two parties to pick from and you chose the wrong one.

You're not gonna see a third party emerge in your lifetime so get over it. Oh, you can fight it all you want to, and by all means you have my blessing, but you're wasting your time.

All of you that have supported the far-left in this country are getting exactly what you've been screaming for.

Now, take it and suck on it for the next four years.

Mike Blankenship USArmy

Anonymous said...

Right on, Adam.
Tell it like it is.
Now if they'd give you half
that time in your own country...

robert in west grove

Chantal just looked at the clock and hyperventilated said...

you're so famous. what's up with all these international news agencies clamoring for your input? i need ya on mah tv!! do you have a manager? lol